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All Lee's products contain 'SABS tested' pure colloidal Silver Water

Suggested Retail Prices

with effect from January 2016

prices do not include postage or delivery costs outside Johannesburg

prices may vary on shelf


Colloidal Silver Water - Anti-Microbial Solution

No Salts - No Chemicals - No Side Effects

‘pure silver in pure water’

5000ml   –   R660.00

1000ml   –   R168.00

500ml   –   R85.00

200ml   –   R51.00

With sprayer nozzle + R10.00 each

Colloidal Silver Eye, Ear & Nose Drops

20ml   –   R28.00

Colloidal Silver Cream – Original

500ml   –   R330.00

250ml   –   R174.00

100ml   –   R86.00

50ml   –   R54.00

Colloidal Silver Cream – Intensive

50ml   –   R85.00

Lee’s Face Lift Cream

50ml   –   R135.00

Lee’s Eye Crème

5ml   –   R45.00

Lee’s Scar Reducer

25ml   –   R70.00

50ml   –   R130.00

Lee’s Arthritis Gel

100ml   –   R105.00

250ml   –   R260.00

Lee’s Muscle & Joint Massaging Cream

100ml   –   R105.00

250ml   –   R260.00

Lee’s Muscle Ice (Gel)

100ml   –   R70.00

Lee’s Haemorrhoid Poultice

25ml   –   R70.00

Lee’s Acne & General Skin Care Pack

2 Glycerine Soaps, 200ml Colloidal Water (Toner) & 50ml Original Cream   –   R125.00

Lee’s Lip Balm

15ml   –   R28.00

Lee’s Pure Glycerine Soap

150g bar   –   R25.00

Lee’s Natural Shampoo

250ml   –   R46.00

Lee’s Netti Pot

200ml Colloidal Water, Salt & Netti Pot in container - R160.00


(prices may change without notice)



Lee’s Toothpaste

Lee’s Baby Cream

Lee's Anti Sun-burn

Lee's After Sun-burn

Lee's Hair Conditioner

Lee’s Roll-on Deodorant



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